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Birth Date: July 30, 2019

Sex: Female

Coat: Short hair, Brown marble tabby

Highlight: Will be a wonderful lap cat!

Likes: Some cats, catnip toys, and retired people

Dislikes: Dogs and babies

Adoption Fee: $80


My name is Virginia and I am as sophisticated as my name sounds. 

Alas, I come from humble beginnings as I was once an outside greenhouse cat. Furever Friends Cat Rescue knew I needed a loving, inside home; something with a few more creature comforts than the outdoors provide. After they rescued me, I was sent off to the pound to wait for a Cat BnB to open up. Truthfully, the pound simply would not do. After a distasteful stay, they booked a place for me.

But my how they failed with their first attempt! The home would just not do. There was a baby, with toys and things everywhere. The night time crying was interrupting my beauty sleep. One day I stepped in something completely unidentifiable. It smelled worse than anything I have ever deposited in the litter box! I rang up Furever Friends and politely demanded new accommodations. 

They booked me into a new place with no children, but unfortunately, there were dogs. Oh, the things I have to put up with. At first, this new Cat BnB was just not up to my standards and I really wanted to give the Furever Friends booking agent a piece of my mind; but, the host kept insisting I make myself at home. I said I would stay for dinner, as not to be completely impolite. It was a lovely dinner. She then invited me to stay in a very restful, cozy looking bed. I said I would spend one night and then be on my way in the morning.

Morning came and I thought perhaps I should give this place another chance as it was pretty peaceful and the smelly dogs were well trained and quiet. I was not there long before another cat booked into the same suite. It turns out it was my good friend Pipsqueak from the greenhouse. I was quite pleased to have an old friend around to have tea with and talk about the days of yore.

Once our host saw that we had settled in very well, she started introducing us to the other guests: another cat, who was lovely enough, and the dogs. I am just not sure about them and I do not think I will ever get used to them. Pipsqueak said they are okay, but I do not trust her review (she is not verified on Yelp or Trip Advisor). After a few days, I decided to give them a chance and I tried engaging with them. I concede, they are tolerable, but I much prefer my next Cat BnB to be without their kind. I prefer cats or even to be on my own with just a pair of retired people to spend time with.

It took me a while to train this host to meet my preferences: snuggles in the evening, cuddles when I brush against her legs, freeze-dried or Smack as my food of choice, and a large selection of catnip toys. I am an elegant girl who likes nice things. If my next Cat BnB meets my standards, I may check-in forever.

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