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Birth Date: July 4, 2022

Sex: Male

Coat: Shorthair, black and white

Highlight: Part of the bird litter!

Likes: Cats, dogs, people, food, toys, cuddles and playing

Dislikes: Seafood flavours, being given yucky tasting medicine

Adoption Fee: $100

Hi, my name is Wren.

My mom died when she was run over by a car and it was the saddest day of my life. I cried and cried.

Someone heard me and my siblings, Starling and Sparrow, crying and brought us to the pound. When no one came to claim us, I thought that this was the end for all of us. I overheard the people talking about what how every rescue and humane society is so full because we still have sooo many cats that are not fixed. 

We were brought to the vet and she was crying, too. She said she just couldn’t do it anymore. I sensed a chance and I gave her my best 'puppy dog eyes'…she said "I will call Furever Friends Cat Rescue again, but don’t get your hopes up. They are full and we know it." I tried to run while she was on the phone. I was stopped at the front door. Shoot! "Wait" the vet called to me, "they have made a space for you, but you are going to have to be in foster care with 2 dogs, 3 cats and a kid." I said "PERFECT!" My sisters cheered!

Our foster homes have been glorious! Full of people, animals, and love. There is always something or someone to play with and I love all of the activities and all of the snuggles. My favourite thing is to curl up with a person and watch TV. I try to sneak my paw into the popcorn, but I get caught…most of the time. I just smells so yummy! Once I did eat some and it made my tummy feel yucky or maybe it was the salmon pate?! I think maybe it could be seafood! I got yucky medicine for a really long time. I might have a seafood sensitivity. But I'm all better now!

In fact, I'm all vetted including my neuter, and ready to go to an adoptive home! It will be so much fun to meet new people and animals. But no more seafood for me! At least not until I'm an adult. So come and get me! I'm ready!!!

Wren is fully vetted and available for adoption. He would like a home that can accommodate his food allergy to fish.

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