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Sex: Female

Intake: October 27, 2015

Adopted: June 26, 2016

This kitten was born at Canadian Lumber and ate from the Co-op grocery store dumpster. Lisa Jackson, a Co-op employee, was so moved by the plight of her and her siblings, that she took it upon herself to catch and tame the 6 wild born kittens! She contacted Furever Friends to help with the capture and adoption of these cuties. All of these kittens were taken to the vet by Furever Friends. They were deemed healthy by the vet, given their first set of shots, treated, and were spayed or neutered.


Juliet was adopted, but then became the product of divorce and was returned to Furever Friends after 6 months. She had a very quick turn around when she was adopted for a second time to a family who had just lost their own cat. They think that she is the best cat they have ever met and cannot believe that she was once a wild kitten. She is now in a home with a Mom, Dad and 3 teenage girls that love her! 

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