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Sex: Male

Intake: October 29, 2015

Adopted: June 27, 2017

Snoopy was the last wild kitten of his litter to be caught and the last to find a forever home. He is very playful with lots of love to give. It takes him a little while to get to know someone; but once he does, he is very, very affectionate. He comes for pets and then go finds his own spot, but has to come back for more pets because he misses people so much in the few minutes he's gone!


It took a while, but Snoopy was finally adopted. When his Mom moved to a new location, he became frightened and bolted before he even got to be inside the new place. Furever Friends came to the rescue again to help capture Snoopy - which took an entire month! Born as a wild cat to the outside, he adapted very well; but once again, had to be treated as a wild cat. Once captured he realized that he was safe and relaxed back into the cat we all know and love. 

Sadly, Snoopy’s Mom ended up in the hospital and was not able to return home for a very long time, she did not want Snoopy to be lonely and hoped that we could find him a great home where he could get the attention he deserves. 


We did just that! He now lives with his litter mate Romeo and his family. He will never be without company again. What a story! Snoopy still has the cutest obsession with tubs and sinks. We all love your cute little quirks Snoopy, hope you have a happy life!

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