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Sex: Male

Intake: October 4, 2015

Adopted: February 18, 2016

New Name: Sox

Elroy was scheduled for destruction in Gretna, MB as a nuisance cat. He was tearing open garbage bags and living under a shed. It was not his fault that someone abandoned him, he was just trying to survive. One of our Furever Friends volunteers found out about the upcoming euthanasia-by-gunshot and could not let it happen. The volunteer called around to find an emergency foster home while the rescue process was started for Elroy. Furever Friends found a more long term foster home that turned into a “foster fail”.


Elroy had a weight gain problem, he was starving when abandoned, so he now felt he needed to eat everything in sight. His foster family needed to monitor his food and weight closely. With all this extra attention they fell in love with this very affectionate guy and were unable to let him be adopted by anyone else. Elroy (now Sox) is a very loving and content cat that likes to sleep really close to his mom and likes to watch TV with his dad. He is very happy and truly appreciates being alive!

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