Birth Date: June 24, 2019

Gender:   Female

Hi, I am Lulu, I love you.

I was scared, alone, crying for my momma for days by the dumpster at the

Co-op grocery store. I was so scared, I didn't know what to do, where to go, or what to eat. I missed my mom soooo much. Then this big guy came and scooped me up, he said “don’t worry I am tight with a rescue and I know they can find a cute little one like you a home”. He took me to the pound!!!!

I said “this is not a rescue”! But when I started to get visits from some sweet girls ,I thought this is pretty good! I love them!

Then I went to the vet and had more people petting me and telling me that I am adorable! I love them too! Then I went to a foster home, I love my foster family! My cute little foster mom carries me around, we play “going to the vet” and we snuggle...a lot! I love her so much! I am just content to be with her and watch the other cats play. Sometimes I play with them too. I love them too! Life is so good. It can only get better if I get a home that adopts me, that means I get to stay their Furever. I am going to love that!!!!

My spay is included with my $90 adoption fee. Great deal right?!

Adoption Fee: $90

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