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2022 Year in Review

In 2022 we were able to help 103 cats.


Of the 103:

19 were adopted through our Adoptions program

5 found homes through our Finders Keepers program

31 were transferred to other rescues in hopes of finding homes

3 were vetted and released back into our community through our Trap-Neuter-Release program (in collaboration with the Town of Altona)

5 were euthanized due to catastrophic injury or illness

2 were lost and we helped them find their way home

9 were returned from failed adoptions or TNR releases

7 are Adoption Pending through our Adoptions program

9 are on hold and will be available for adoption when ready

13 are still available for adoption


We are happy to report we completed 39 ADOPTIONS in 2022 (some were new intakes and some were adoptables from years past); but more importantly, 87 cats were spayed or neutered through our (and our affiliates) vetting program. That's 87 less cats producing kittens!


Today, we have 40 cats who are or will be available for adoption. If you are looking to add a furry friend to your family this year, please consider our rescue.

Since our inception in September 2015, we have helped rescue over 700 cats. As you can imagine, a lot of time and effort goes into animal rescue. We cannot do what we do without the volunteers who assist us and the countless hours they put in. So much goes on behind the scenes and every person that helps is truly a blessing.

Thank you to our 30 foster families for taking such good care of our cats, to the 17 feral shelter caretakers who monitor and feed the cats released back into our community. To the event volunteers, cat pick-up and drop-off drivers, to our reference checker, tax filer and photographer, thank you.


Thank you to all the donators. Whether it is funds, gift cards/certificates, prizes, baking, laundry detergent, blankets, cat food, cat toys, used kennels, litter and so much more. The cats have benefited from your donation and they, and we, thank you.

Thank you to all the supporters. Those who purchase our merchandise, bake sale goodies, fundraiser items, etc. Fundraisers only work if people support them, and they are a necessity for non-profits.


Thank you to the Altona Town Council, Dan Gagne (Chief Administrative Officer) and Geoff Loewen (Animal Control Officer) for your progressive approach to animal welfare in our community. Due to the TNR program, many cats have received a second chance at life.


Thank you to Pet Valu Winkler, RuffMuffs Altona and Cole International for fundraising on our behalf, for the donations, and for caring about the cats in our rescue. Thank you to the employees of Friesens Corporation for selecting us as a recipient of your Employee Directed Giving program. Your donation allowed us to clear our balance at the vet. Speaking of which...


Thank you to the Winkler and Morden Veterinary Clinics for donating your time to help animals in need, and for letting us carry the occasional balance.


Thank you to those who have adopted from our rescue or any other rescue/humane society. Adopting saves TWO lives: the pet’s you take home and the one that fills the spot vacated by your adoption. Thank you to our adopters who have sent updates and pictures, they are often the pick-me-up we need when days are hard, so please keep them coming.

This past year was a challenging one. We had many bright spots, but also some really, really hard losses. Like Sharpie, a sweet, cuddly kitten who just wanted to give face bumps and snuggle under your chin. He hitched a ride to town under a vehicle, fell out and was run over. We thought we could save him, but an x-ray showed he had a broken back with spinal cord damage. It hurt so much to say goodbye to him. Or like Olaf, a handsome grey tabby, frozen on the side of the road. We tried to save him too, but he was too far gone.

More than once this past year we had to implement an intake freeze. We were full and didn't have the capacity to accept more cats. The calls and messages kept coming - 'Can you take these kittens I found?' 'My cat had kittens and we can't keep them, can you take them?' 'We're moving and can't take our cat with us, will you take him?' While we hate having to turn away cats in need, the reality is we can't save them all. We need cat owners to do their part.

We know that not everyone cares about cats. If you don’t, please consider those trying their best to rescue the abandoned, homeless and unwanted animals in your area. Rescue work is hard work - emotionally and financially. You can help, all you need to do is spay/neuter your cats. It will have the single greatest impact on rescues and cat overpopulation that any one person can make. If you would like information on the spay/neuter programs available to you or information about our rescue, please contact us. 

We'll wrap this up on a high note...if you've followed our rescue for a few years, you may remember Lennox. He's a jaunty fellow who had time in the spotlight as the Pet Valu store cat, on more than one occasion. Well, Lennox holds a record in our rescue for the greatest number of adoptions and returns for any one cat. We are happy to report that he was adopted (again) this past year, for what we believe will be the final time. He is living his life to the fullest south of the border with a family that adores him. Happy tails Lennox, happy tails!

On to 2023...

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